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"I keep listening to Simon and Garfunkel Bridge over Troubled waters, this is how I feel about you.  You are my bridge over all those horrible, troubled waters of my past and even the ones that linger today. All I can say is thank you so very much for how you care and for being in my life, how can I thank you for always being my bridge."

"When we met I was so scared, lost , insecure and frightened.  All I can say Kim 'you gave me wings to fly' thank you. "

"Hi Kim, I just want to say as a catch up, I feel so better since seeing you.  No more anxiety attacks and If I do wobble you gave me what I need to deal with it.  Thank you for helping me."

"Kim has been helping my son for a few months now, and from his first session he came away feeling lighter and more settled. She has worked wonders for him and it is so nice to be seeing more and more of the young man I love so much coming out from behind his clouds of anxiety and stress. Truly grateful for everything Kim has done for him, and us as a family!"

"Kim has been looking after me for a few years so that when she mentioned the new AromaTouch Massage, I knew instinctively that it was for me.I trust Kim's advice without question. She said I would love it - and I did .Before the treatment Kim explained exactly what she was going to do so I was instantly relaxed. She has a confident always warm healing touch and the oils used definitely hit the spot !!I thoroughly recommend both Kim and this AromaTouch therapy.

I'll be back x♡x"

"My panic attacks are now virtually non-existent and my outlook on life is so much more  positive. 

I love EFT." - Julie

"I suddenly became scared of flying, why? Who knows, but now I have managed to put all those fears and negative feelings behind me, fantastic". - Jennifer - EFT

"Just to say a very big thank you for helping me work through my twitchy legs, it’s gone, and if I feel it coming back, I just “tap” you have given me my life back." - Joanna - EFT

"Amazing treatment at the weekend from Kim Didden, thank you! An energy balance followed by the Brazilian toe treatment, can't recommend it enough. So very relaxing."  - Helen x

"Just experienced a quickie Energy Balance followed by the Brazilian Toe technique.

- Highly recommended!" - Ali

"Had the Brazilian Toe Technique performed by Kim! I was unsure about it before the treatment, however, i was pleasantly surprised! I haven't felt that relaxed in a long time! Felt fab for days! Thanks soo much Kim xx" - Becca

"Thank you Kim Didden for some wonderful sessions recently! I feel fantastic. Can’t recommend you enough! Friends, do check Kim out if you feel a bit out of sorts, need a re-balance for whatever reason or need an energy boost. She is awesome. "

"I love Energy Medicine, The pain has reduced in my legs by 90%, energies much better and fog is clearing, amazing."

"Whatever you did in our energy medicine session a weight has been lifted from my heart and mind that has been there a year ! After a deep sleep I woke with restored lung capacity an ability to take a deep breathe on an emotional level.  You are awesome in the original sense of the word and the love you transmit through your work is a joy to receive.  Thank you from my healing heart. " - Beccy

Kam Sokhi reviewed Kim Didden: Healing the Natural Way — 5 star

"I went to see kim last year and spent a few months healing and having eft tapping therapy! Best thing I ever did kim is highly intuitive, kind, professional and I had so many issues that I worked on father issues, confidence and self asteem, relationship issues due to father issues, family trauma, eating disorders, anger issues, I can honestly say I feel my life has moved on in leaps and bounds I was so held back and crippled by my fears and trapped by my self sabotaging beliefs I really feel kim handed me my life back. Kim is a very gifted healer and I'm so grateful the universe guided me to her, i feel like I'm walking on air now rather than the crippling shoulder pain I used to feel ( burden of the world on my shoulders) I've never felt so confident, attractive, and sane in all my life, only downside is I wish I had met kim sooner in my life!! Thank you kim not enough words to describe the new woman I am from our sessions lots of love your one of life's earth angels."

Samantha Harrison reviewed Kim Didden: Healing the Natural Way — 5 stars  

"I can't recommend Kim enough! She has helped me through times of low mood & anxiety and taught me ways to deal with this. Kim has also helped with my lower back pain and headaches. 
Kim is very easy to talk to and takes her time In explaining the benefits of what she is doing. I hope to see her soon xx"

Michele Wigg

"I went to see Kim as I had problems with oedema quite badly in my feet which had got to the stage where it was causing me pain.
She has worked on my system using essential oils together with a gentle lymphatic massage and after just two sessions the results are amazing, the swelling has reduced quite significantly and the pain has eased. Together with other things she recommended for me to do I am definitely on the way to healing this problem. Looking forward to my next session."

Mandy Riley · May 1, 2017

"Went to see Kim at a very dark time in my life - she was fantastic and got me back on track in a

matter of weeks! The therapies really work but Kim's down to earth and caring support was wonderful and really appreciated. Still doing the exercises she gave me. I have recommended her to a number of people and would do so without any reservations. Thanks for everything Kim xxx"

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