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Helping you find safety, 

calm, and connection in the

chaos of life's experiences.

How I can help:

overcome anxiety and depression

navigate personal or professional crises

heal from loss or trauma

cleanse toxicity from all areas of life

reduce stress and find positive energy

face a major decision in a new way

improve your relationships

overcome food and body issues

Hello, I'm Kim Didden, welcome to Healing the Natural Way

I help individuals reconnect to themselves and others in order to rediscover their authentic selves and live a positive and abundant life.

If you are wrestling with depression, anxiety, loss, or relationship issues, I work to help you harness your best self by listening deeply and exploring the tools, ways of being, and support that have been elusive in your life. Working together we can help you discover how to be the person you want to be with family, with friends, at work, and when you are alone. Let’s work to make every moment count.

I have been studying and practicing energy work for 20 years.

EFT and Energy Medicine have helped me personally triumph over physical and emotional challenges and I am constantly fascinated with how powerful and effective these methods are in helping people overcome all sorts of problems. You can obtain not just physical health, but emotional and mental well-being. Most importantly, the healing treatments and therapies I provide give you the tools to control and improve your own health and healing and that of your family and friends.